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Add the power of the elements to your weapon.

Elemental Enchanting

Elemental enchanting is a bonus that you can add to your weapons to increase their damage output. There are four (4) different elements that be used: Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. Each time you enchant it, the prefix on the weapon will change signifying each new level of elemental enchant. The names, and associated levels are listed below.

Success Chance: 10%

Elemental Scrolls:
To enchant the weapons, you must obtain the scrolls above by killing the bosses and monsters that drop them, or purchasing them from Shiren. Search the scrolls on the database, or click the links above to see which bosses drop them! Enchanting the weapons will provide damage bonuses depending on the level of the enchant. There are three (3) different levels of the elemental enchant associated with the prefix:

Wind: Windy, Storming, Cyclone
Earth: Clay, Tera, Gaia
Water: Soaking, Aqueous, Tidal
Fire: Burning, Blazing, Scorching

The damage bonus that is applied to the weapon is an elemental based damage. If a monster is weak to the element that is on your weapon, the bonus damage will be multiplied by 1.5x. If a player in PVP is weak to the element (due to elemental falldown) the damage will be scaled based on how far their resist has fallen. Similarily, if they have a high resist to the element on your weapon then the damage will be scaled back.

Level 1: +1 damage
Level 2: +3 damage
Level 3: +5 damage

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