Lineage Justice

Hunting Zones

What do you want to spend your feathers on?

Feather System - Rewards

What can I buy?:

There are plenty of items that can be purchased from Mysterious Town as listed and explained here.

Note: All timed items only tick down in time when equipped. So be sure to remove them to conserve time, when not in use.

New Pets: Kangaroo and Panda:

Two new pets have been discovered by a merchant in the Questionable Town. This merchant is willing to part with one for a fee and your word that you'll care for it. The pets require 6 charisma each to summon.

Fortune Cookies:

A mysterious chef has been honing their baking skills in the south-west part of town. This chef is willing to part with their magical cookies for a fee of 45 feathers! Think that price is outrageous? The chef knows that the cookies are only so good, it's the fortunes within that keep their clientele returning time and time again. Inside each cookie is a fortune. Return to the chef and offer the fortune to them in exchange for extremely powerful buffs.

The buff duration is 1800 seconds (30 minutes) and is un-cancelable. You may only have one buff at a time, so be lucky and be careful. Do not let this good fortune go to waste!

Scripture of Atonement

The Gods of Aden understand that lessons not learned in blood are often forgotten. Sometimes it is completely necessary to remind someone that you will not be pushed around. Scriptures of Atonement are your way to atone for your sins and pay homage to the Gods.

Purchasing one of these Scriptures that are collected by Aden Church, and bringing it there, will allow you to receive the Gods' blessing and will increase your alignment towards Lawful by 3,000 points per Scripture.


Future items will be added for purchase with feathers as time progresses. In the near future, Spartoi and Sea Dancer dolls will be added. Stay tuned for more information.

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