Shadow Realm of Lastavard

The veil between Lastavard and the Shadow Realm has weakened allowing the Dark Elves of the Shadows to call you into action. They have long witnessed the fighting and corruption of their temples. Your call to action is to enter the Shadow Realm of Lastavard and try to defeat the Shadow Justices with the hopes it will end their corruption and connection to the normal realm.

Speak to the Dark Elf of Shadows in the major towns. He will offer to send you and/or your party to the Shadow Realm to seek his brethren. If you are in a party, only the party leader can request entrance to this instance of the Shadow Realms. Once the party leader accepts this quest, anyone within the sight of the Dark Elf of Shadows will be offered to join the party in the instance to work together.

Once you enter, speak to the Shadow Attendant to acquire a Shadow Weapon to help you in your quest, but be warned this weapon can only exist in this realm. If your connection to the Shadow Realm fades, the Shadow Weapon will dissipate. On your journey to defeat the Shadow Justices, seek out Dantes in the Shadow Realm to acquire a piece of these lands to tether you here for the duration of the Event.

With the Orb of the Shadow Realm from Dantes you will be able to leave these lands with the Shadow Weapon, however, the weapon is fragile and will dissipate in 4 days. Once you have completed the quest, your Orb of the Shadow Realm will allow you to craft additional Shadow Weapons by speaking with Dwarf Adelio in Resistance Village. Though, he will require some components in addition to the presence of the Orb.

To craft the Shadow Weapons you will need:

Things to Note:

Each of the Shadow Weapons can be enchanted as high as +5 and created as many times as you wish for the duration of the event using Scroll of Enchant Shadow Realm Weapon.

During the event, you will be able to teleport randomly in Kent Deungeon and on Forgotten Island where Vampires (Minotaur zone), Skeleton Fighters (Bugbear zone), Skeleton Marksmen (Ramia Zone) have been added and Werewolf (Doppleganger zone) has been increased.

There are always those that are looking to exploit, and with this event comes an opportunistic Dark Elf that is taking advantage of adventures, The Shadow Dealer. He seeks to take your Adena and exploit the rich with little time. Ignore his temptations and participate in building your own Shadow Weapons.

The Shadow Dealer sells cheap teleport scrolls to Kent Dungeon, and Forgotten Island.