Lineage Justice

Feather System

Deteremine the drop rate for your hunt.

Feather System - Drop Rates

Not all huntings are equal. There are zones that have more monsters than others, making them better sources of EXP. The problem is, while other zones could be useful for different classes.. their lack of feathers may be discouraging. The intended goal of having the feather rate adjusted by each hunting zone is to create a dynamic environment; for events, and to semi-balance each zone for everyone.

It is understood, that this will not be a perfect system and it will be constantly adjusted as new zones are identified for a tweak. The idea being is that there wont be "only one or two places that are good to farm feathers". This page is updated dynamically and directly from the database. As zones are changed, you will find the latest and updated information here immediately.

ID: Hunting Zone: Feather Rate: Can Bookmark: Pets Allowed:
0 Talking Island x0.5 Yes Yes
4 Mainland Aden x0.5 Yes Yes
53 Giran Prison Floor 1 x0.0 No Yes
54 Giran Prison Floor 2 x0.0 No Yes
55 Giran Prison Floor 3 x0.0 No Yes
56 Giran Prison Floor 4 x0.0 No Yes
78 Oren Ivory Tower Floor 4 x0.0 No Yes
79 Oren Ivory Tower Floor 5 x0.0 No Yes
80 Oren Ivory Tower Floor 6 x0.0 No Yes
81 Oren Ivory Tower Floor 7 x0.0 No Yes
82 Oren Ivory Tower Floor 8 x0.0 No Yes
142 Tower of Insolence 42F x1.5 No Yes
171 Tower of Insolence 71F x2.0 No Yes
172 Tower of Insolence 72F x2.0 No Yes
173 Tower of Insolence 73F x2.0 No Yes
174 Tower of Insolence 74F x2.0 No Yes
175 Tower of Insolence 75F x2.0 No Yes
181 Tower of Insolence 81F x2.5 No Yes
182 Tower of Insolence 82F x2.5 No Yes
183 Tower of Insolence 83F x2.5 No Yes
184 Tower of Insolence 84F x2.5 No Yes
185 Tower of Insolence 85F x2.5 No Yes
191 Tower of Insolence 91F x2.5 No Yes
192 Tower of Insolence 92F x2.5 No Yes
193 Tower of Insolence 93F x2.5 No Yes
194 Tower of Insolence 94F x2.5 No Yes
195 Tower of Insolence 95F x2.5 No Yes
242 Kent Castle Dungeon 3F x2.0 No Yes
243 Kent Castle Dungeon 4F x2.0 No Yes
253 Kingdom of Eva x1.8 No No
420 Abyss Lake x1.8 No No
430 Elemental Grave x1.8 No Yes
612 Forest of Abundance x0.0 No Yes
780 Thebes Desert x0.0 No Yes
781 Thebes Pyramid Inside x0.0 No Yes
782 Thebes Osiris Altar x0.0 No Yes
783 Tikal Temple x0.0 No Yes
2005 Northern Valley(Beginners Zone) x0.0 No No
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