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Ice Crystal Cave Renewal

The Ice Crystal Caves renewal creates a class-only hunting ground! Each class has a specific class-only map of the dungeon which none other may enter. Each class specific First Floor (1F) has stairs to the Second Floor (1F). Gone are the old Ice Crystal Caves, completely replaced by this renewal, and divided into the class-only zones.

Sabin has been kidnapped from the Ice Caves! In order to find Sabin, you must speak to her younger brother Marvin in Oren Town, located beside Brad. Marvin will request that you start a 30 day investigation into the disappearance and provide you with a Marvin's Pouch.

Once a day (Daily Quest) you can open Marvin's Pouch and obtain one of the items necessary to complete the quest. You must also enter the Ice Caves to obtain evidence of Sabins kidnapping [100] Frozen Female's Tears.

Quest Requirements:


The adeventures that complete the Daily Quest, or the 30-day investiation will also receive an EXP bonus! Completing the 30-days will give you a 2x EXP bonus compared to the Daily.

If you are lucky enough to obtain a Flame Aura from the Ice Cube, or complete the 30 days for the Glowing Ice Cube, then you can continue to the Ice Crystal Cavern Instances which has two stories. Speak to Brad, and give him the energy of the flame (Flame Aura). He will transport you to a destination that you will be able to choose between the two stories, and fight the Ice Queen or Ice Demon.

With the Ice Crystal Cave renewal, comes new items that can be obtained! The Sealed Cold Kiringku and Sealed Cold Chainsword were added before this update, but with the full release comes the full list of items:

Renewal Items (Intense Cold Set):

The new items can be crafted from the Ice Queen items by speaking to Hector!

Crafting Instructions:

Good luck!

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