Lineage Justice


Download the client and launcher.

Download Links

Google Drive:  Download #1

NOTE: Use the above link to download the complete, all in one solution. If your antivirus deleted the launcher, you can use the below link download the latest text files:

Google keeps flagging the site, we've moved the launcher only download to Discord. Join us there and see #downloads for the file.

Text File Updates:  Download

NET 4.6.1 :  Download Here

Install Instructions

  Download from the links on the left and save to your computer!
  Extract the zip file to your destination.
  Create a shortcut to jLauncher.exe on your desktop.
  Run the launcher, it will get any updates you may be missing.
  Click Reset to switch between fullscreen and windowed mode!
  Click Play!


1.  If you receive an error about systems.array you are missing the .NET 4.6.1 dependencies. You can visit the Micorosft site using the link on the left to download and install the correct version. This is likely the case if you are using an operating system older than Windows 10.