Lineage Justice

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Server Rules

1. In-Game Chat
In-game chat is not censored, but can be viewed by any staff member at any time. While we aren't here to parent, players who find their sole intent to be ruining the gameplay of others will quickly see that this behavior will be met with whatever punishment is fitting. Toxicity and excessive vulgarity will violate Rule #7 and will be dealt with at our discretion.

2. Exploits
While we feel very confident in the security of this server, there are always people who feel that cheating a game is the best way to win. If you are to find an exploit, we do require this to be reported to the staff immediately. The Justice team decided collectively, that GM rewards will not be part of this server, as this creates an extremely unfair balance. Playing on an exploit-free server should be reward enough for any population, but we have also devised a reward system that is not personalized, but instead will benefit all players.

3. Auto-Anything
We do not condone the use of any automatic usage of anything, with only the exception of the following:
  • Turning bring stones
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Creating spell scrolls
We have systems in place to monitor for any sort of illicit activity. If you don't want to risk what you've earned here, don't cheat.

4. Real-Money Transactions
With the evolution of gaming groups, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between sharing and selling items. That being said, we will do our best to monitor for inconsistencies (such as adena farmers). If we were to ban anyone who has traded/given items for nothing in return, nobody would be left. We believe everyone understands the potential risk of buying anything in the gaming world. While we may not agree with that stance, the only guarantee we can make is that every item on our server will be earned legitimately by a player. We don't want to see any sort of RMT discussion in the game, (COMMA) anywhere. Failure to adhere to this simple request can and will result in punishment.

5. Account Sharing
Be very weary of sharing your account with anyone. All accounts connected to a banned player will also be removed. It is strongly advised to keep all of your items and information to yourself. We will also not waste a single moment of our time dealing with issues that arise from account sharing.

6. Scams
The staff will generally not be involved in any of this. Our advice to the player base is to keep your items, and your account information to yourself. The only way you get scammed, is by sharing items and information. If you don't share, you don't put yourself at risk. However, we reserve the right to dig in to any claims we see fit. DO NOT USE THE SAME ACCOUNT INFORMATION ON MULTIPLE SERVERS. USE UNIQUE PASSWORDS EVERYWHERE!

7. Using Judgement & Respecting Others
During your time here, we ask that you use your best judgement before deciding to make any actions that could be deemed inappropriate. Before you decide to block an entrance in a safety zone, or continualy release tames in town with the intent to have them whack down an AFK player, remember that you will be accountable for your actions here. Just because a specific action isn't listed in the rules, does not mean we will not find it to be unworthy of attention. All players are more than welcome to speak with a staff member before performing any action that could constitute punishment.

8. No Castle Swapping
It will be considered castle swapping if any 2 royals from pledges who are not attacking each other are trading control of the castle. This only prevents real action, and participating in this now, or in the to be released siege is forbidden.

8. Blocking
If you block the only entrance into a Normal Zone, you must use characters that are level 65+ to promote PVP. Using chaomakers to block the entrance to Normal Zones only hinders PVP and hurts the small community. This was much harder to do on Live Servers where there was a cost associated to accounts. You risk your accounts being jailed for this. Blocking in Safety Zones will remain against the rules.